Chief Keef: Five Reasons He Ain't No Fake Thug


A lot of hip-hop stars claim to be hard asses when they're soft as baby poop, but that is in no way the case with ruggish Chi-Town rhymer Chief Keef. If ever there was a street-running thug, this kid known as Sosa makes the cut, mainly because of the mind-blowingly illegal stuff he's done.

Keef has been 18 for less than a month, but he's already got a police record riddled with more crimes than 50 Cent's body got bullets. When the Chief sings about shootin', lootin', and bangin', ain't nothin' false about it.

UPDATE Chief Keef's Miami show has been canceled.

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Filmed His Music Videos While on House Arrest
Chief Keef caught his big break with some homemade music videos for a few mixtape joints, including "I Don't Like." These clips are hood as fuck, but not in the sense that they're set in the streets. Keef was on some real gangster shit, choosing to record the videos as a way to kill time while on house arrest for weapons charges. That's why the vids were all shot inside. At the time, he was 16, but even earlier, he'd caught a charge for manufacturing and selling heroin. That level of crime should've made Keef a Class X felon, but he was instead classified as a delinquent because of his age. This is how his career took off.

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ladies love him? yes some crack whore ugly apes that would blow anyone, stop generalizing , a normal good looking studying women wouldnt even look at him


ya he's so hood that he regularly engages in what he refers to as "macaroni time"... gotta have someone sucking your dick even if they don't want to!!

just for those who are unaware of the meaning of that term:

Macaroni Time= Prison style sex between two African American males. Most often nonconsensual.  

Chief Keef was quoted saying "Hell no I aint gay! I did a bid. It was just macaroni time."

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