Drake and A$AP Rocky's Miami Vice Ripoff: An Extremely Detailed Breakdown


When lil' rappers like Drizzy Drake go to sleep at night, of what do they dream?

A Miami Vice-slash-Scarface world in which they are outlaw heroes with a mansion, an armory stocked with illegal machine guns, a closet full of suits and t-shirts, and an ethnically ambiguous girlfriend who needs to be rescued.

Of course, Drake is rich and famous enough to buy his wildest fantasies now. So instead of music videos, he's making elaborately art directed, meta-awesome, seven-minute versions of his best (wet?) dreams, as based on '80s TV shows and movies.

Just check the cut for an extremely detailed breakdown of Drizzy and A$AP's Miami Vice ripoff.

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0:16 - 0:23
Let's set the scene ... If you can read that faux-retro '80s font, it's "Miami, 1985." That's why everybody's wearing suits with t-shirts and fat gold chains like senile retirees on coke.

WTF? A$AP Rocky?! You're not even supposed to be born for another three years!


Maybe it's time-traveling sickness. Or maybe he mixed too much ecstasy with too much bubbly. But Rocky's getting all sappy and intimate and heartfelt, babbling through some toast about how "I wanna let you guys know how proud I am of y'all."

This is South Beach. It's the '80s. When are we gonna shoot some motherfuckers with a machine gun?


Why's Drizzy Drake looking at A$AP like he's a cherry-flavored Tootsie Pop? And we though the toastmaster overdid it with the MDMA and champagne ...

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