Who Wants Free Tickets for Robb Banks' Tha City Private Listening Party?


"Bitch dont look at me...i ain hear to start trends."

That's the word from Robb Bank$, a 19-year-old, born-in-Brooklyn, bred-in-Coral-Springs rapper who's all about not giving "fuks," writing lines on "dat lean," and hollering "out wit tha old in wit tha new i guess...but wut next?"

And this is what's on the come-up: His new slab, Tha City, and he'll be giving out sneak peeks at a private listening party in Miami on Monday, September 30.

Now, it isn't open to the public. And you gotta be 18 or older. But we got five pairs of free tix, thanks to Robb and Super Music Group.

Just check the cut for contest instructions.

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Robb Banks$' Tha City Private Listening Party Giveaway Instructions

*All entrants must be over 18

1. Head over to Crossfade's Facebook page.
2. Find the Robb Bank$ update, and leave a comment.
3. From the pool of commenters, we'll randomly select a winner to get a private tour of Tha City with Robb on September 30. So keep an eye on your Facebook messages.
4. Last thing... you have only until noon on Monday, September 30, to enter.

Robb Bank$' Tha City Private Listening Party. Monday, September 30. The party starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 10. It is not open to the public. Ages 18 and up. Visit supermusicgroup.com and robbatussin.com.


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John Farr
John Farr

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