J. Nics on New Album, ThreeSixtyFive: "Yo, It's Cool to Take Your Time and Be Patient"


One conversation with J. Nics and his laid-back Polar Bear Mack reputation precedes him. So it should come as no surprise that little, if anything, fazes the Miami rapper.

"The type of person that I am, I don't allow people that I can't deal with on a regular basis, or on a vibe like, I fuck with you, around me," Nics says in his mellow, baritone voice.

He also shows no hint of resentment or irritation when asked about the lack of follow-through after the release of December's joint Darkside mixtape with Atlanta-based DJ Burn One.

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"I felt like Darkside was a really great project, but I was kind of pushing it in a market that I felt like couldn't really understand it," the rapper explains. "It wasn't a project that you're going to hear, 'Oh, that's that catchy single.' I'm not that artist."

And once Darkside was released, the project quickly faded because of a lack of shows and videos to further promote the mixtape, even though it was generally met with acclaim as another quality opus from Nics.

The rapper admits the project was rushed for various reasons, but some things must take priority over all. On October 4, his daughter and first child, Jamila, was born -- the day before he was to head off to Atlanta for the A3C Festival.

"I was becoming a new father. Music is my life -- I love it, it's my passion. But it was like, let me take some time out to handle my business as a man," he says.

While the birth of his daughter did not directly influence his material, he gives substantial credit to her for providing a different outlook on life, not to mention rejuvenating his drive.

"Just bringing a new life in the world, it's all refreshing," the rapper says. "It gave me that feeling, that passion again. Taking time away from recording, when I got back into the studio, it was just magic."

And revived, Nics took to the studio in May to record what was to become "24/7," the first single off ThreeSixtyFive.

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