Kaskade Talks EDM Arena Tours: "It's Awesome, It's Just Another Step Forward in My Career"

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Miami and Kaskade have kind of a special thing going.

On last year's Freaks of Nature tour, Miami's sold-out event at Bayfront Amphitheater was the game-changer. We set the tone for the rest of the experience, and in the artist's mind, it was a new peak for his musical career.

Now, he's got to come back to top it all, kicking off his new tour right here in the 305. He's been slaving away on stage design and production concepts to ensure his return, set in no less than the massive American Airlines Arena, is nothing short of triumphant. He's counting on you, Miami, to make Atmosphere one of the most memorable moments in Kaskade history.

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Crossfade: Congrats on the release of your new album.
Kaskade: Thank you.

Could you tell me a little about the direction you were trying to take?
It wasn't anything intentional at the beginning. It was only about when I was half-way into it that I was like, "Oh okay, it's going this direction." I wrote a bunch of it right when I returned home late last year off the Freaks of Nature tour, which was an extremely intense tour where I did over 50 shows.

Actually, the show I did in Miami was a very memorable one for me. But when I returned from that tour, I came home and I was kind of burned out on this huge whomping sound that I'd been serving up to everyone. I sat down in my studio for the first time being alone after touring, it was a touring party of about 35 people, and quieter music initially came out. That's what I was inspired to do. That's what I was feeling at the moment, kind of the opposite direction of where I just was.

It's funny to me, with some artists, when they're on this constant struggle to go harder and harder.
Yeah, I don't know how these people have a constant diet of just like bwompbwompbwomp. I'm like, "Oh man, they need a break. I need to switch the tempo up."

When you do this softer side of Kaskade -- even when you do a harder side -- your sound is so lush and vibrant, but it's not overtly cheesy in any way, which I assume is because it comes from an honest place. You touched on it a bit, but where do you pull your inspiration from when you're in the studio?
Really, for me, it's just all about personal experiences. I write about stuff that has happened with me in my life. Usually it's things that are happening around me at that time while I'm creating the album, but sometimes I'm thinking back to stuff all the way to like high school or whatever, whatever kind of moment I'm taking in. It's more a portrait of my life, just an audio portrait of what's happening in my life.

You say that it's a portrait, but do you think it's that examination of your emotions and experiences that makes your music relatable to your fans?
Most definitely, yeah. I don't pretend to be anybody incredibly unique or that special. I think I'm a fairly common guy, and I think when people listen to the lyrics they're simple and they're easy to understand. I'm writing about everyday stuff, like lost love and what you do with your heart after somebody's broken it. Everybody has experienced these kinds of things. Simple ideas that people can relate to, and I think definitely that's what's endeared me to these people and the people who follow me and who will show up to the show on Saturday.

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