Mac's Club Deuce Owner Turns 99! His Top 9 Moments From Miami's Best Dive Bar

Photo by Laurie Charles
The man, the legend, Mac Klein.

Bottles of Patrón, Stoli, Cîroc, and Hennessey line the floor-to-ceiling shelves of Mac Klein's closet-sized office in the back of the sticky floor and smoky room of Mac's Club Deuce.

Somewhere in between a wooden desk and a stack of books, newspaper clippings, and portraits of a handsome 20-something-year-old Klein in a World War II military uniform, was a cushioned leather seat and an orange case of liquor.

"Pick a chair," Klein chivalrously offered.

As I squeezed my way toward the bottles, Klein began talking about his upcoming birthday September 19.

"You don't run the Deuce looking 99," he laughed.

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Times may have drastically changed since Klein officially took ownership of the SoBe mainstay in 1964, but Club Deuce has remained untouched.

"What you saw 50 years ago is what you see today," Klein explains. "That actually is the bar. To me, the Club Deuce is a beautiful woman that never gets old. She's the lady."

Having owned Club Deuce half his life, Klein has seen and lived through it all, from the Cocaine Cowboys era to Miami Vice to Anthony Bourdain.

In honor of Klein's 99, here are nine of the most memorable moments at Club Deuce.

Photo by Liam Crotty

Klein's 50 Birthdays

"My 50 birthdays here have been wonderful," Klein recalls. "I realized I've lived another year."

Although Klein's not too keen on big bashes, he suspects his staff has something up their sleeve for the 19th.

"I cannot stop what others do, but as for I, it's just another day."

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Mac's Club Deuce

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Happy Birthday Mac, it is always a great pleasure to talk to you every other week, God bless you and keep you save for many years to come!

Anastasia Biltmore
Anastasia Biltmore

Happy Birthday and thanks for keeping the doors open all of these years :)

Lourdes Diaz
Lourdes Diaz

Spent a lot of great times at Club Deuce - Happy Birthday Mac and thanks for the memories


can;t wait to and see Mel one of my life friend.....debbie

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