M A N I K Talks New EP on Ovum, Getting His House Music Mojo Back


DJ-producer M A N I K (AKA Chris Manik) might be best known as an uhntz-uhntz purveyor on the global party circuit. But from the beginning, he also set himself apart as a serious musician -- a classically trained production wunderkind with a knack for arrangement and melodic hooks, not to mention a veritable scholar of music.

Take his 2011 debut long player, Armies of the Night, which drew from the melting pot of music genres unique to his native New York City: disco to house, hip-hop, and even the vintage synth score of 1970s cult classic film The Warriors, for which the album was a tribute. Manik was even a Hall Of Fame inductee at the music department of his alma mater, the State University of New York at Oneonta, last year.

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So it's no surprise the talented young producer has started exploring creative musical avenues outside the four-on-the-floor box -- his new live band project, for instance.

"In 2012, I started and basically finished an album with my buddy for a side project which will end up being my live band," he revealed to Crossfade this week, while keeping the juice details under wraps.

But fans of M A N I K the dancefloor destroyer need not worry about him straying too far from what he's done best so far. In fact, this month, he's dropping his latest slab of four-on-the-floor funk on Ovum Recordings, the House Cut 1 EP.

"For the new EP on Ovum, basically I wanted to make house music again," he explains. "Over the last 8-10 months, besides a few remixes, I was basically working on some side projects and my new band. I had a sudden urge to make four-four again, and these three tracks were the three I made that week. I think the EP is just me jamming on my analog synths and recording -- it was all done on three synths and just my house music mojo back."

Of course, Josh Wink's Ovum label introduced M A N I K to the world back in 2010, to almost instant acclaim, via his very first releases.

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