Miami's Manuvers & Yarlen Talk Debut Album, The Drive Home: "We're Night Creatures"


Miami doesn't have the strongest of indie music scenes. So it's nowhere near often enough we see promising local underground artists erupt with new, promising work. Now if these artists also happen to be pushing the envelope and breaking ground with their music, it's a very special thing indeed.

With its fluid, future-thinking blend of experimental hip-hop, basstronica, and urban contemporary flavors, Manuvers & Yarlen's The Drive Home LP delivers that rare promise. The new album, which just dropped this week, spans nine original tracks and features local favorites like Induce and Ketchy Shuby's Jay Jo Hero.

You may already know Manuvers (AKA Francisco "Pancho" De Pablo) from his old Sunday Coolout radio show on WDNA 88.9 FM, various local DJ nights, or any number of production credits, including progressive hip-hop releases on Counterflow Recordings. But The Drive Home marks his first collaborative work with Yarlen Ferreira, another budding young producer with roots in Miami's underground bass music scene.

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"The project came about from us collaborating on a track randomly," Manuvers tells Crossfade. "We have known each other for so long, but never had collaborated or anything, musically.

"I guess it was bound to happen, but it happened naturally, not forced. The first track was the 'Hit Her With The One Two' instrumental. I had that track, and some friends and label owners of Discos Pegaos in Chile stepped to me about releasing something on their label, and I expressed how I wanted to do something different than what I am known for down in South America -- hip-hop.

"So I showed them that track Yarlen and I did, and suggested it would be easier for me to work a project with someone else."

And partnering up with Yarlen certainly helped steer Manuvers' signature sampledelic hip-hop style in a more experimental electronic direction, embracing elements of glitch and future bass.

"Most of the time, we'd work on our parts separately, and then get together and finish them," explains Yarlen. "I started working on some sketches and ideas, and Manuvers picked what he liked. From there, he added his flavor, which I love, because he's amazing with melodies, and I'm more into weird rhythms and glitchy sounds."

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Promising work is not as rare are this article insinuates. Miami is overflowing with talent right now. The talent is right here but no one is hearing about it. Tons of amazing local bands and underground venues are popping up all over the place in Miami. The local comedy and theatre scenes are also exploding with talent. Maybe if more newspapers visited these places and gave them some much needed attention, we'd see promising talent more often here. And maybe our amazing Miami artists won't have to leave to NY, LA, or Chicago to make something of themselves. 

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