Miami's Top Ten Hip-Hop DJs of All Time

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Long live DJ Uncle Al: "All the girls liked him. His parties were always hot. He was breaking ground."

DJ Heron grew up carrying milk crates full of records for his cousin Manny Love in NYC. In 1987, at age 15, his family moved from Brooklyn to North Miami Beach. Heron made friends with neighborhood kids Classik and Oski, formed a crew, and started rocking his own parties.

He has lived the culture of Miami hip-hop through many phases of its development, from mixtapes, block parties, and underground radio to its worldwide recognition today.

So here are Miami's top ten Miami hip-hop DJs of all time, according to DJ Heron.

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10. Jam Pony Express
"They used to put out all these bass mixes," Heron recalls. "They'd take songs and pull out all the words and put in their own verses, change the words around. Everybody knew their mixtapes. It was dope. Really good shit. They were at all the block parties in Miami, the street parties. I saw them at the 79th Street Fleamarket all the time. The USA Flea. They had like Vol. 1 through 50 of bass mixes. Uncle Luke was with them back when he was called Skyywalker."


9. The Rhythm Rocker from The Saturday Night Funk Box
"He was a radio DJ. He had a show on this Miami station, community radio, WDNA-FM. All he did was late night. He would be on from like midnight to 3 in the morning. It was the only time that real old-school hip hop was played on the radio in Miami. This was like 1987. He had KRS-One on there and all different kinds of people stop by the station. He played Wu-Tang Clan. It was crazy."

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Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

I remember Craze putting on a spider man mask and climbing on top of the decks cutting the records between his legs and behind his back. And he still catch everything like Willie Mays. Best ever. It's not even close.


Wtf how the fuk u miss Miamis mix tape king DJ EFN?!?!

I call bull shit on this hole article!!! Wack!!!


@kerby.rok same I was thinking,at least an honorable mention....the man had Crazy Goods with mixtapes that had relevant rappers at the time droppin exclusive freestyles, they definitely overlooked that.

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