Miami's Top Ten Hip-Hop DJs of All Time

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8. DJ Immortal
"He's not old school, but he's been in the game for a minute. He's the head instructor at Scratch DJ Academy that was started by Jam Master Jay. And he gets shows all over the place. He goes to Jamaica, Italy, but he supports Miami in everything he does. I used to see him in a lot of DJ battles and at the DMC contests, tearing people up. And then later I met back up with him doing a residency at Revolution Live. He's one of those great DJs that can kill any type of music."

7. Tom Laroc
"Good ol' Tom Laroc has a real history down here. He knows a lot of people in the hip-hop game. He's a video DJ too, but he goes way back. I know now he's starting to become a chef, but he still DJs everywhere, plays all around music and kills it. He's one of the first DJs that a lot of clubs gave a chance to play whatever he wanted to play. A lot of the clubs in '89 and '90 weren't playing boom bap. They were more mainstream. But Tom played what the streets liked, and that gave other DJs like myself a platform."

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Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

I remember Craze putting on a spider man mask and climbing on top of the decks cutting the records between his legs and behind his back. And he still catch everything like Willie Mays. Best ever. It's not even close.


Wtf how the fuk u miss Miamis mix tape king DJ EFN?!?!

I call bull shit on this hole article!!! Wack!!!


@kerby.rok same I was thinking,at least an honorable mention....the man had Crazy Goods with mixtapes that had relevant rappers at the time droppin exclusive freestyles, they definitely overlooked that.

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