Miami's Top Ten Hip-Hop DJs of All Time

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4. DJ Klassik
"He is one of Miami's best underground old-school DJs. He used to be called The Power Enforcer. I met him in my neighborhood when I first moved to Miami. This kid was a real DJ even before me. At 16 or 17 years old, he had all his own equipment and was spinning everywhere, like at the Cameo when it was called Club 1. Klassik was there playing all the new joints, all the new Tribe Called Quests. He did a lot of things in Miami."

3. DJ Craze
"I known Craze for years, seeing him DJ since he was a little kid, all the way to Club Living Room back in the day. I remember he battled DJ Fingerprints from Power96 and it was a big deal cause Craze was only, like, 16 at the time. He wasn't even allowed in the club. They had to sneak him in. He went in and he took out Fingerprints in the battle and that's when we knew that Craze was gonna be a big thing in Miami. This was years ago, and now he's worldwide, bro. He plays in Japan and Europe. DJ Craze plays everywhere. Pioneer."

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Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

I remember Craze putting on a spider man mask and climbing on top of the decks cutting the records between his legs and behind his back. And he still catch everything like Willie Mays. Best ever. It's not even close.


Wtf how the fuk u miss Miamis mix tape king DJ EFN?!?!

I call bull shit on this hole article!!! Wack!!!


@kerby.rok same I was thinking,at least an honorable mention....the man had Crazy Goods with mixtapes that had relevant rappers at the time droppin exclusive freestyles, they definitely overlooked that.

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