Miami's Top Ten Hip-Hop DJs of All Time

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2. Uncle Al
"Uncle Al was one of the first DJs down here to start doing the mixtape street thing. Always in the streets. I used to listen to Uncle Al all the time. He was just fun to listen to. All the girls liked him. His parties were always hot. He was breaking ground. He had cassette tapes that was just him mixing and putting out the newest music, but he would mix it with like Barry White and real old school. He was also the reason that a lot of people got to hear 2 Live Crew for the first time. He was the guy playing those records, the first one to play those songs."

1. DJ Laz
"He's where every DJ wants to be. The epitome of where every DJ wants to be is where he's at. He has his own show, he's an icon in Miami DJ life, and he can still rock the house. He does his own thing, and when it comes down to it, he has fun doing it. It's all about rocking the crowd. I got to go on tour with him one time in Texas, and if you've never been on stage with him when "Morena" or any of his songs come on there, it is an epic moment in time. Seeing him do his thing is an experience I'll never forget. In Texas, they love him like a God. It's unexplainable. Texas is crazy. On the way to the hotel after the show, they had a full bar in the car. Not a limo, a regular car."

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Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez

I remember Craze putting on a spider man mask and climbing on top of the decks cutting the records between his legs and behind his back. And he still catch everything like Willie Mays. Best ever. It's not even close.


Wtf how the fuk u miss Miamis mix tape king DJ EFN?!?!

I call bull shit on this hole article!!! Wack!!!


@kerby.rok same I was thinking,at least an honorable mention....the man had Crazy Goods with mixtapes that had relevant rappers at the time droppin exclusive freestyles, they definitely overlooked that.

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