No Sleep Tuesdays Launches at The Garret: "Dancehall, Reggae, Everything In Between"

Courtesy Addy Alexander
Looks like you won't be sleeping tonight.

It's No Sleep Tuesday.

So drink a Red Stripe well cold and get ready to touch di road for some dancehall, reggae, soca, and all things Caribbean.

Guaranteed to keep you up all night, this weekly bashment, hosted by Eccentrix Sound (the same crew responsible for the Riddim Series), launches tonight at The Garret at Grand Central.

"It's a non-stop dancing vibe," says Addy Alexander, AKA Addytrix, the man behind the party. "You're gonna get dancehall, you'll have some reggae, and everything in between."

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Positive vibes may be what No Sleep's all about, but the goal behind the bash is to reignite the flame of Caribbean music in the Magic City.

"Miami used to be popular when it came to reggae music. All that kind of died out slowly. And you have to drive to Fort Lauderdale for an authentic party," Addytrix points out.

"[But] there's still a lot of Caribbean people down here who want it. There's no weekly [dancehall] party on Tuesdays, there's no competition... And people are like, 'You know, it's Tuesday.' You have the rest of the week to rest and it's free."

While the playlist will be mostly dancehall, essentially Jamaica's party music, the wilder younger brother of reggae, there'll be other kinds of music (and maybe some Jamaica Grass Energy Drink) to keep you going till dawn.

"Dancehall is basically [high-energy] dancing. We're also playing reggae too and soca, which is for the girls."

Location Info


The Garret at Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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