Score's Ten Most Memorable Moments

Courtesy of Luis Morera
Lady Gagy and her Little Monsters at Score.

For the past decade and a half, a cluster of A-list celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Gloria Estefan, LMFAO, and other stars of the ilk, super models, and all 'round glamorous people have walked past the velvet ropes and black doors of Score.

While the hot spot will be throwing its last hurrah on Lincoln Road tomorrow night before it makes its next big move to Washington Avenue for "harder, better, faster, stronger" parties on October 4, you can't forget the wild nights that went down at 727 Lincoln Road.

Here's a recap of Score's ten most memorable moments.

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Lady Gaga's Appearances

Before Lady Gaga was queen of her Little Monsters, she scored twice.

"Lady Gaga performed twice, the first time she wore a disco ball bikini with a mirror on the bottom. She also made an appearance after her Monsters Ball at the James L. Knight Center two or three years back," brags Luis Morera of Score.

"She even mentioned us [Score] in her concert saying how grateful she was and included a picture of her entering Score in her book."

Not a bad way to say thank you.

Courtesy Luis Morera

Macy Gray's Performance

"Artists don't usually drink alcohol before a performance, but Macy Gray was so down-to-earth that the first thing she asked for was a shot of tequila," recalls Morera.

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Score Nightclub

1437 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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Kyle Holtgren
Kyle Holtgren

Sad to see Score go? Create a similar experience at home by taking your shirt off, turning on Grindr, listen to an auto tuned cat choking on a hair ball over a 4/4 beat, frown a lot and DANCE DANCE DANCE...oh and flush $15 down the toilet.

Meesh Kachian
Meesh Kachian

oh no sad... Lincoln is now will be turning into a corporate mall with chain stores...

Care Resource
Care Resource

Time brings change .. time for Score part II

Justin Karr
Justin Karr

dead for years? what rock has she been hiding under?

Jay Figueroa
Jay Figueroa

that place was dead years ago. will have memories of the place, but i'm happy to see it go.

Meli Misley
Meli Misley

Me = The Hag Mom = The Tagalong My Gays = always scored at Score

Meli Misley
Meli Misley

My mom decided to go clubbing with me one night and as a good little Hag, we went to Score... Where she fell asleep, holding her purse, On Top Of A SPEAKER !!!!

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