Unkle Luc, Miami Music Video Director, on Working With Denzel Curry, Prez P, J. Nics

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There's red everywhere. Red walls. Red bed comforter. Red sheet over the ceiling light. Luc Patrick Alexandre, Jr., known to the many as Unkle Luc, is also wearing red board shorts. And if the heat inside his room were a visible color, it'd be probably be red as well.

"My favorite color is really blue," says Luc. "I work with Sydney in Theory and red is the theme of his project, and I've been working with him for a couple years. He probably influenced me with that. Red is what's up right now. Keeps me working."

The 25-year-old music video director's had little trouble staying employed for the last couple years being the go-to eye behind the lens for rising Miami hip-hop acts, including Kaleem Muhammed (formerly Phresh James), J. Nics, Prez P, and Denzel Curry, two of which have made it to MTV's RapFix "Get In The Game."

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Last year, Luc completed The Wild EP, his collaborative project with Sydney in Theory (then known as Personal) with a booklet full of, well, wild beasts.

After a few emails back and forth (he doesn't own a phone), Crossfade caught up with the Miami music video director to talk about being the second in Miami with the name, The Wild EP catching steam late, and being slept on.

Crossfade: Why don't you have cell phone?
Unkle Luc: That shit gives me anxiety. It's a part of my reputation too. People know I don't have a phone. People hate that I don't have a phone. The work that I do people always have to be in contact with me. I like to isolate myself from that. Being on the phone. At some point, I lost my ability to talk on the phone, and I just realized every time I was on the phone with somebody I was just dying to get off the phone, and just like, I couldn't breathe or some shit. I'd rather just meet people and vibe.

Why don't you get a cell phone, put it on mute, and have the alert on for emails or texts?
I thought about it. I had an iPhone for a month, and then I was like, "Fuck it, man." It's been like two years since I've had a phone.

You would think it's a necessity, though.
Ima bring the phone back, but I just had to get away for a while. Actually, it was unintentional because I had my little brother on my plan, and for like five months, he stopped paying. And then I was just carrying all that extra debt. I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't want to pay that shit.

Though not spelled the same, why do did you chose the name Unkle Luc when Miami already has an Uncle Luke?
Being from Miami, Uncle Luke is just the guy. My name is Luke. In elementary, I remember it was big to do the "Doo Doo Brown" beat with your hands on the table. That was something I was good at.

When did they start calling you Unkle Luc?
People would joke about that since elementary. I chose it as my MySpace name around '06. In high school, people would call me that. I just chose to keep it. And that was the beginning of everything that I do now. That's when I started learning out to do design and photograph and everything, in 2006.

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