Arcade Fire as the Reflektors in Little Haiti, "One of the Most Beautiful Places in America"

Photo by S. Pajot

Arcade Fire as the Reflektors
Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami
Presented by Rhythm Foundation
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Better Than: A Reflektor-less existence.

"We couldn't have made this record without Haiti."

On two consecutive nights, Arcade Fire's Win Butler confided this same thing to Miami crowds. His band's new album, Reflektor, would not have existed, except for the effervescent creative energy that he, wife and fellow co-founder Régine Chassagne, and the five other permanent members derived from that tiny half-island known in Kreyol as la Repiblik d'Ayiti.

And last night, almost exactly 24 hours after Win, Régine, and Arcade Fire (figuratively) burned down Mekka Nightclub in downtown Miami, they made a pilgrammage to Little Haiti, the closest outpost of la perle des antilles.

It was -- compared to the previous frenzied evening -- a nice, slow smolder.

UPDATE Arcade Fire is reportedly returning to Miami for two nights in April 2014.

UPDATE #2 Arcade Fire Announces Reflektor Tour 2014, Skips Miami

See also: Arcade Fire Burned Mekka Miami Down as the Reflektors

Photo by Jose D. Duran
In Little Haiti, we all became members of the Reflektors. Sorta.

In the months leading up to the release of Reflektor, Win and Régine and the others have often namedropped their fave Caribbean country.

The band has pinpointed its 2011 and '12 trips to Haiti as the overriding inspiration for the title track, not to mention the rest of the record. And during an interview last month with the BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, Butler described the new album as "a mash up of Studio 54 and Haitian voodoo."

Then on Wednesday at Mekka in Miami, the Arcade Fire frontman gushed over our city's small slice of the homeland. "I'm so jealous that you have Little Haiti," he said. "It's one of the most beautiful places in America."

Photo by S. Pajot

And poof! The next night, Win and Régine and the others were there, clapping along to the Haitian rara band and drinking Prestige beer with us.

Of course, it'd been known for about a week and a half that Arcade Fire would be playing the Little Haiti Cultural Center as part of the Reflektor buildup that Butler had dubbed "a weird art project."

We here at Crossfade originally asked, cautiously, after learning that so-maybe-this-is-sorta-gonna-happen: "Who Are the Reflektors? Is Arcade Fire Playing Miami in Little Haiti on October 24?"

Photo by S. Pajot

But yes, most definitely, the Reflektors arrived at NE Second Avenue and 59th Terrace, exactly as oh-so-mysteriously advertised.

Or maybe more accurately, Win materialized in the middle of the crowd about an hour (7:58 p.m.) before the scheduled showtime. And like a true Reflektor, he wore a mirrored mask, possibly expecting to go unnoticed while wandering among the rabble.

But c'mon ... Dude is six foot, five inches tall with a shock of obviously Butler-esque hair springing out from behind his face-shield. And so, he was quickly spotted and identified, then forced to gamely oblige the fans with one-on-one robot dances and visage-less photo ops.

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Little Haiti Cultural Center

212-260 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL

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Lemon City.  The concert took place in Lemon City.  

Jayan Bertrand
Jayan Bertrand

And for the record I LOVE Arcade Fire... just not The Reflektors haha

Jayan Bertrand
Jayan Bertrand

Nope. Gonna have to disagree once again. While it was an honor to see Arcade Fire in person it was boring to watch The Reflektors. The disco wasn't doing it for me. And some of those audience members were pretty rude to my friends, so that definitely ruined the experience. I'm sure they played their hearts out last night but that sound isnt what made me a fan. Im glad they're experimenting but I didn't expect them to take the disco route... I guess Im just not seeing what was so stellar about that performance.

Matthew McClure
Matthew McClure

The show sucked major balls compared to the fucking LEGENDARY set at Mekka on Wedesday. Don't get me wrong: the band was solid as hell! But there were just so...many...douchebags last night!

Luis A. Barberena
Luis A. Barberena

Little Haiti is One of the most beautiful places in America?

George Hoover
George Hoover

Ya we saw that that's why we always butt In Front or pick up our tix at @rhytmfoundation b4!

Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

dudes threw it down. what a great night. thanks to the Rhythm Foundation for putting this together and benefiting Little Haiti.


sean, cuba is la perla de las antillas.

George Hoover
George Hoover

Amazing! RhythmFoundation WorldMusic does it again! Thanks BE 2 Arcade Fire for hooking it up for US here in Miatown = Miami. BRAVIZZIMO!


@Jayan Bertrand you were definitely in the minority, everyone seemed to love the show.

Will Call was  nightmare though.   Definitely need a better system than that.

S.Pajot moderator

@RANTone It's a common nickname for Caribbean countries. Just Google "Haiti" and "Pearl of the Antilles." Or check out a book, like Haiti: The Tumultuous History - From Pearl of the Caribbean to Broken Nation. 

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