Arcade Fire: More Tickets Released for Little Haiti Show

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"Dress up and come party with us!"

That's an excited invitation from Win Butler, Arcade Fire, and a weird bunny rabbit to this week's Reflektor concerts in Miami.

Of course, you (probably) don't have tickets. And that means you're screwed harder than a cottontail at the peak of mating season.

Oh, wait ... Win, the crew, and Rhythm Foundation just released a final batch of tickets to Thursday's show at the Little Haiti Culture Center, you lucky bunny.

UPDATE These last Arcade Fire tickets are all sold out.

UPDATE #2 Arcade Fire is reportedly returning to Miami for two nights in April 2014.

See also: Arcade Fire's Reflektor Show in Miami Sells Out in Under Five Minutes

Here are the Little Haiti shops (yes, real, brick-and-mortar stores) that'll be selling the (last?) batch, according to the Rhythm Foundation:

Sweat Records. 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami; 786-693-9309; SOLD OUT.

Maxi Sound Music Hall. 11854 W. Dixie Hwy., Miami; 305-895-8006. SOLD OUT.

Kompa City. 14744 NE Sixth Ave., Miami; ; 305-940-9665. SOLD OUT.

So ... Run, rabbit, run.

Arcade Fire. Thursday, October 24. Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212-260 NE 59th Terr., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are sold out. Visit


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Location Info

Sweat Records

5505 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Little Haiti Cultural Center

212-260 NE 59th Terrace, Miami, FL

Category: General

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icculus17 topcommenter

I don't own any formal wear, is a shirt and tie acceptable?  I'm not sure why kind of costume I can throw together...,


Sweat's stock of tickets goes on sale Tuesday at 5:30pm, FYI.

Samantha Indhira Soler
Samantha Indhira Soler

Miami New Times hey please let us know if you get anymore info on the dress code, this garbage bag nonsense is not cool bro

Miami New Times
Miami New Times

Arlene, yes. Rumor is the band is using the Brooklyn and Miami concerts as an opportunity to film a music video -- hence the dress code. However, we've been told you won't be turned away if you don't adhere to the request, but we've read online that some people were asked to wear black plastic garbage bags over their clothes. (We're really hoping that's just a rumor, but we'll find out Wednesday.)

Arlene Linares
Arlene Linares

I know the Little Haiti show is "costume or formal wear mandatory" but does anyone know if it's the same for the Mekka show?


i wonder if i can dress up as an underpaid, overworked, sentient being meandering through samsara without a clue.

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