Ten Miami Musicians Who Got Their Start at Bardot

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Millionyoung: One of the many successful 305 artists who got a shot at Bardot.

During its four years of bringing musical talent and drunken debauchery to the Magic City, Bardot has attracted some of the best indie, hip-hop, and electronic artists to its floor-level carpet stage.

While the club has hosted national acts, including Florence Welch, Mayer Hawthorne, and Starfucker, it's the local artists that have made the Wynwood hotspot what it is today, or as resident DJ Ynot put it, "the go-to stop."

As a stepping stone to musical success, many Miami musicians got their start playing at small music venues like Bardot.

In the spirit of its fourth birthday, here are ten local Bardot favorites who've made it in the 305, according to the club's David Sinopoli.

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"I always like the first performances of bands because it's rawer and you sense a little bit of nervousness," admits Sinopoli.

"The first time Krisp performed at Bardot, they had Kryogenifex come in and do the whole smoke thing," he describes.

Today, the "indie rock, disco, new wave and dream pop" band has opened for LCD Soundsystem and other acts of the ilk, and released their first single with Sweat Records' in-house label, Sutro, earlier this year.

Psychic Mirrors

"Psychic Mirrors had a release party [in late August 2011] and came in through the back door with Ghostbusters back packs on," laughs Sinopoli.

"They played the theme song and rolled onto the stage almost like a conga line."

Maybe their funky ways and ability to keep the crowd on their toes is what makes Psychic Mirrors a 305 staple.

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Oh...I get it now....Bardot paid a full page in the last New Times publication... everything makes sense now...


Hola soy musico y tengo una banda con dos albunes ya en la calle. Les puedo decir que el que escribio esta nota no esta muy informado sobre la escena under de Miami; Bardot no es un sitio que le abre las puertas a las bandas locales y que les importe su musica...Solo estan vendiendoles esa imagen por negocio. Segundo todos los que tocamos en el circuito under de Miami ,no ve a las bandas que pusieron en la "LISTA" tocar en otros bares"?" y eso es raro porque nos conocemos todos. Evidentemente el que armo esta nota tiene un interes en publicitar a esta gente y Bardot, y no es acorde a la realidad musical de la ciudad. 

Botton line: Una nota fuera de foco y objetividad.


Any musician in Miami knows Bardot does not even count as a place to play. Owners, managers do not care about live music, because It doesn't represent nothing to the business. As a musician you can spend all your savings in your professional CD, and at Bardot nobody would look at it!  This is ONE of many places that try to live under the image of "new talents place" that in reality It doesn't exist.  It's OK to say:" I make my money at the bar", but please lets be honest for once and do not try to sell me that Bardot is the holy gray for talent musicians because it is not. Nowadays, this is a problem with the social media, everybody is trying to sell "dead fish" to the readers.I would love to believe in a place that gives opportunities to the upcoming musicians, but Bardot is way to far to become one of them.


Dude Skywalker can barely beatmatch and play the worst selection of music. Sinopoli like most club owners doesn't know a damn thing about talent.


after listening to the groups on this list, most of them are not even bands/live music? more so DJs or EDM. Which I guess makes sense because it's rare to hear local bands playing at bardot.

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