Bassnectar on Sex at Shows: "I Can't Condemn or Condone It, as Long as It's Consensual"


The Basslights minifestival is a two-night downtown throwdown by EDM speaker-knockers Bassnectar and Pretty Lights.

These Friday and Saturday shows at Klipsch Amphitheater will also feature Koan Sound from Australia and the Fools Gold electronic dance rap of Run the Jewels' El-P and Killer Mike.

Bassnectar is currently rushing down the highway with three semitrucks full of gear to meet Pretty Lights in Miami. We here at Crossfade caught up with him back in Atlantic City to find out about gambling, sex, and the origins of bass.

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Where you at right now?
I'm in Atlantic City getting ready to lose it all on the slots. Nah, I'm full of shit. I never gamble.

You've got a new song and EP called Take You Down, right?
Yeah. I spend so much time doing live shows, remixing, bootlegs, and I wanted to make a song about just being on vacation for a week and not having to work. I went to a secret location by a lake with a lot of sun, got a tan, and made that song.

Have you ever seen people getting married, fucking, or falling in love at your shows?
Uh, I've heard tales of a lot of sexual intercourse, though I've never seen it. A lot of people talk about it. I guess they do it against the rail. I can't condemn or condone it, as long as it's consensual.

I've seen many marriage proposals go down. We either do them live onstage, or a lot of times now, they'll be holding up a sign in the crowd.

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: General

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