Bassnectar and Pretty Lights on Basslights 2.0 in Miami: "Cinematic, and Hard and Heavy"

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Bassnectar, a low-end force of nature.

When alligators want to fuck or fight, they roar. Females initiate the call, males follow, and they sometimes gang up by the thousands to throw tones so deep that the entire Everglades shakes. Some of these extreme rumbles occur at the level of infrasound, low-frequency oscillations that you feel more than you hear. It's a phenomenon also produced by avalanches, waterfalls, earthquakes, and Miami bass.

Over the years, Bayfront Park has felt its share. And this weekend, it'll face another tsunami of rumble when Bassnectar and Pretty Lights team up for a two-night stand in downtown. This collaborative concert, called Basslights, is reported to be so deep and heavy that it may crack the park off of the mainland and send a wild island floating off into Biscayne Bay.

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Bassnectar, for one, is ready. "I think, musically, bass started happening before any language. Someone figured out that if you stretch a drum tight enough and hit it with the right stick, it makes a note related to something like a mammoth running through the jungle. That's power, and that's the sound you wanna make in your music."

Pretty Lights agrees, saying, "It's motherfuckin' bass, dawg. I'm playin' hard, melt-your-face, brrrruummmppbupup dubstep, fuckin' suboscillators and shit, supersubbed-out shit. Live bass hip-hop, bassed-out trap, or classy step. Whatevs. I got that."

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Bassnectar has been smashing shows around the globe almost daily. And he recently dropped a two-side mixtape, Immersive Music, connecting the dots between his favorite influences and latest sounds. He's also got a new single out now, titled "Take You Down."

The road warrior describes Basslights as "a mini-festival," adding, "I got three semitrucks full of sound, video, and light. There's no opener or headliner. We share the stage and both throw down."

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Klipsch Amphitheater at Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Bayfront Park

301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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 Did this interview happen for the Miami Basslights show or was it cobbled together from other snippets? 'Cause almost none of this shit happened either night. Bassnectar and Pretty Lights DID NOT share the stage. There were of course opening acts (there's four listed on the flyer right above!). And the artists ARE touring the country, just not together again. 

I made a really concerted effort to get to the show because of this article. Figured it'd be a lot more epic (Bassnectar still totally killed it) than each act just doing their own thing. Seriously disappointed in this fake hype. A correction or apology is in order.

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