Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Gets Sinful, Lustful, Serious at Grand Central Miami

Photo by Scott Ouellette

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Grand Central Miami
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Better Than: That old Marlon Brando biker movie, The Wild One, from which Black Rebel Motorcycle Club took its name.

Interestingly the rival biker gang in that 1953 black and white flick were called The Beetles. This makes a strange kind of sense as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are as far from Beatlesque as a rock n roll band can be. You'd have to go back to the Fab Four's Hamburg leather jacket days to find any resemblance with this California trio's moody atmospherics. But that just covers the BRMC's fashion sense. More proper forefathers would be the cool dreaminess of The Jesus and Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine, and perhaps you could call Muse to be BRMC's overdramatic cousin.

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Photo by Scott Ouellette

On some other end of the musical spectrum was the opener, Restavrant.

This L.A. duo took the stage with the cockiness that only a beautiful woman or a great band can have. The drummer double fisted beers while singer/guitarist Troy Murrah spewed straight-faced wisecracks, as if he were auditioning for a post-ironic vaudeville show.

Photo by Scott Ouellette

"We're here to warm you up." he said. And things did get warm as Murrah strummed the guitar and Tyler Whiteside banged his drums with the speed of an epileptic seizure. There was a junkyard feel to the set and it wasn't just Murrah's Texan twang. Whiteside's drum kit consisted of a Home Depot bucket, broken license plates, and tire rims. Irony came when he had trouble with his snare drum delaying the set and Murrah groaned to the audience, "The only real drum on that kit is what broke?"

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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hate to tell  you but a BRMC show will always be loud and most of us weren't there to have a conversation during the show. 

And the fact we got an acoustic version of "sympathetic noose" is a treat for smaller venues since they don't tend to do that in bigger cities/venues. Robert explained that before signing.

Ken Neth
Ken Neth

I don't think the author understand bikers or BRMC. "stereotypical bikers might call this music a politically incorrect term for female genitalia" regarding a band with a song named "Six Barrel Shotgun"? A band named for one of the iconic motorcycle movies of all time? That "pounded the room" with "frenzied energy" is "pussy" music? To many contradictions in this review that distract from the topic. BRMC is good. Go listen to them. 'nuff said

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