Draco Rosa on His Latest Album, Vida: "It's Like a Celebration Of Life"

Draco Rosa's living the Vida.

Draco Rosa is sitting in a cafe, just a few blocks down the road from his L.A. studio, Phantom Vox.

"I'm sorry I'm being so rude, but I'm eating this delicious gluten-free cookie. It's so good. I wish I could give you half," the ex-Menudo heartthrob laughs.

Having been in the music biz for over 20 years now, the multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-winning artist has done it all. He's produced his own tracks, created several bands along the way, wrote tunes for Ricky Martin and Luis Miguel (among other Latin music legends), and started his own Vagabundo empire of rum, clothing, and even coffee.

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But even after two decades as a pop star and businessman, the most challenging experience of the multifaceted artist's life wasn't professional, it was a two-year battle with cancer.

"I think, initially, it was two things," he says, explaining how he persevered. "Number one, your faith and spirituality, and that goes with your attitude. Number two, nutrition. It's essential to look at your diet. I've been aggressive in that area. I think all those things helped out."

And like any musician who's passionate about his craft, the music gave him the strength that he needed to keep on fighting.

"For me, personally, working on this record was definitely helpful, parte de la sanación [part of the healing process], that helped me move forward."

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