Draco Rosa on Vida, Cancer, Success: "I'm Doing the Best With What's Been Given to Me"

Music, a way of Vida for Draco Rosa.

Draco Rosa was born to make music.

The former Menudo idol grew up listening to a mix of classic rock tunes from the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and the fast-paced descargas of salsa. And for over two decades now, the Grammy and Latin Grammy Award-winning singer, artist, writer, and producer has been pursuing his passion.

After two years of battling cancer and working on his latest album, Vida, Rosa is finally back in action, cancer-free, touring the Americas, and bringing his rock ballads and Latin beats to the Fillmore Miami Beach this Saturday.

Crossfade spoke with el cantante who revealed how he discovered his musical passion, how music helped him cope with cancer, and how he's lived his life as a vagabundo.

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Crossfade: Where are you calling from?
Draco Rosa: I'm talking to you from a little cafe in Los Angeles called Froma. It's so good. If you're ever in L.A., you need to try it.

So your new album, Vida, it's pretty much a mix of your greatest hits. It was recorded two years ago after you were diagnosed with cancer. Would you say the album is a celebration of life?
It definitely is... It was suggested we would consider doing this album because there was so much uncertainty as to where I would be right now, either dead or alive. The album was initially about that, so it's essentially about a celebration of life.

This is your first tour since you beat cancer. How does it feel to be able to do what it is you love again?
Oh, incredible. There's nothing more beautiful than spending a night with fans at the gigs I just love it. We've just only started, but I'm very excited to be back on stage, keeping it eclectic, keeping it melodic, with a little bit of darkness.

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