Florida's Top Ten Black Metal Bands

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Kult Ov Azazel Love Satan!

Black metal is a spiritual music for people who like to call forth Satan.

Kult Ov Azazel's founding member Xaphan is a true believer, and will prove it tonight at Churchill's Pub for the first annual Black Kvlt Metal Fest "with 2 infernal stages, and 11 Kvlt bands."

Here are Xaphan's top ten Florida black metal bands.

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10. Cryptic Winds
"They were based out of Orlando. They're no longer around," Xaphan tells us. "They released one album. We played with 'em back in '99 or 2000 in Fort Myers. They were like a really raw totally fuckin' sick black metal band. They were a three piece. I liked what they were doing. They were doin' what we were doin'.

"The difference between death and black metal is that black metal is fuckin' more satanic in nature, more with the occult, that aspect of things. Death metal is more guttural, and more about the horrors of society and death and shit like that. Death metal is usually boom boom rrrrruhhu wwwrraaahhh. Black metal is more blasting to an extent, more like sskkrreeeeeyeyeyayy yayaah. More scream. Death metal is more like reality based. Black metal is more spiritually based."


9. Promethean Horde
"They're from Tampa. They have keyboards and, like, a Dimmu Borgir vibe goin', kinda. I ran sound for 'em a couple months back. I don't usually like a lot of keyboards and stuff, but they're really good. I dug what they were doing. Some black metal leans toward, like, the Viking style. Just like some death metal. Not everybody sounds like Cannibal Corpse or writes lyrics like that. Some death metal is almost like hardcore. I'm not an elitist for purist form. There's black metal bands like Immortal that don't sing about Satan at all or anything evil. It's more like cold mountains and ravens and shit. I imagine that by the song titles like 'Dark Black Catacomb' that's what they're about. I just know they fuckin' played with Krisiun in Fort Lauderdale. They fuckin' tore it up. I was impressed. They really kick some ass."

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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