FXRBES on Almost Getting Arrested for Filming a Rap Video: "I'm Like, 'Bro, We Just Shooting'"

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Conformity is overrated. The desire to fit the mold is so 2006.

For video directors, the age of applying their vision with full creative control has already been upon us for several years, thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, and cheap but effective filming equipment.

In just a little over a year, the former Florida A&M Univeristy student Anton Forbes, known to many as FXRBE$, has become one of Raider Klan's go-to video director producing a reel that includes Denzel Curry's "Threatz."

Crossfade checked-in with FXRBE$ at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits in Miami Gardens to talk about working with Unkle Luc, his aesthetic, and almost getting arrested for filming a rap video.

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Crossfade: What's the deal with Popeye's?
FXRBES: I don't know. I fucks with Popeye's.

You come here a lot?
I come edit videos here and just chill and just look at people. I like doing that shit. I like looking at people.

How did the "X" and the "$" come about in your name?
I think it probably derived from Curren$y. That's one of my favorite rappers. And also, I'm in Raider Klan, so the X and things like that, so it's a play on both sides.

What got you into shooting videos?
It was actually my dad. I used to go around shooting little short films. I wouldn't say short films, but go around shooting me and my brothers acting and things like that. I used to take my dad's camera and just shoot anything that I felt like shooting.

I kind of put that passion to the side and thought I wanted to be a psychologist or whatever, but it wasn't for me, so I got back to shooting. It's been a year now.

You also work closely with Unkle Luc.
Alright, let me tell you a story about Luc. I used to go to FAMU. When I was up at FAMU, I was like, "Yo, I really want to do this directing shit," because that's when my passions started kicking back in. I went out and bought a camera, so one of the videos I bumped into was one of Luc's videos. I was like, "Yo, I really fuck with this nigga." I drop out of school, I come back down to Miami and one of the first people I meet is Luc. And so from then, we built our relationship. Kind of like a big brother, little brother thing. If you look at my videos, my style is sort of like his. Well, pretty much is. He taught me his cinematography style.

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