James Murphy: "With Dance Music, People Are Being Treated as If They're Really Dumb"

Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 73-photo slideshow from III Points Festival Day Two.

"This is the weirdest scenario."

That's how DFA Records founder and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy half-laughingly reacted to Bardot Miami's (almost claustrophobic) living room-like setting for his Red Bull Music Academy Couch Session at the inaugural III Points Festival.

There were fans sprawled all over the low-lit hipster hangout. They were perched atop bar stools. They were comfortably slumped into sofas throughout the club. They were clustered on the floor, staring eagerly and wide-eyed, just a few feet from the guru, Mr. Murphy, as he sat cross-legged, clutching his mic.

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 73-photo slideshow from III Points Festival Day Two.

"It's weird to sit on a stage, but this is actually, possibly weirder," Murphy deadpanned. "Oh, and," he wryly and randomly observed, "there are flowers."

The host, III Points co-organizer David Sinopoli, smirked. "They're real, though."

The crowd laughed. And Murphy cracked: "You read the rider. Fresh-cut flowers, next to the love seat in a room full of people ..."

For the next 95 minutes, the chit-chat proceeded with that same crackle, as the DFA head and LCD legend alternated dry, goofy jokes with earnest, thoughtful responses to queries from both the host and his fans.

Here are some excerpts.

Photo by Ian Witlen

James Murphy on the Enjoyment of Club Experiences
"It depends on your idea of fun. Champagne, music -- it could be a nightmare."

On How to Have Fun and Party
"For me, DJing's been about making people have fun, just trying to make people have a fun time, and playing music that I like.

"Over the years, it's been, like, 'Well, what is it that I think is fun?' And trying to define that ... So I've put a lot of effort in trying to change the room, trying to make the room more about people being together and a little less about people facing a DJ who's doing mostly nothing and going, 'Woo! Hey! Start another one!'

"I try to make [a party] what I like, which is people don't really pay attention to the DJ. And they have a chance to, maybe, hook up with somebody, which is not easy to do if you're taking phone photos ...

"Nobody's going to go home with you because, 'Oh, wow, you took a really good picture. I saw that! I was watching! I said, Ah, look at that sensitivity to, uh, framing.'"

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