James Murphy and Jamie XX Make the Too-Cool Kids Dance at Wynwood's III Points Festival

Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 73-photo slideshow from III Points Festival Day Two.

As much fun as we had banging hard at III Point's Point Bass show with DJ Shadow and XXYYXX, that shit was, like, only half as fun as the Point Blank bash, presided over by James Murphy and the incomparable Jamie XX.

The Sound Stage at Mana Wynwood was flooded with hipsters looking for a good time. And for a few glorious hours, it felt like Miami's counterculture knew exactly where its head was . Let's relive the night.

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Check out Crossfade's full 73-photo slideshow from III Points Festival Day Two.

We walked in through a shimmery, acid-trip doorway into a most magnificent night of get down. The sultry beats of Jamie XX's well-curated collection welcomed us saying, Please, come and dance with me. Let your heart break tomorrow. Tonight is all love. (We just assume that's what Jamie XX is thinking all the time.)

Photo by Ian Witlen

People milled about the TwinHaus art exhibits, trying to understand the strange life vest donut paintings as if they weren't too drunk to know what was going on.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Some smiling faces piled into a cum-infested bang bus look-alike and LOLed heartily at the hardcore porn playing softly on the television screen. The only real art is the kind that gives you a boner.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Meanwhile, Jamie was playing everyone's heartstrings with his classic Gil Scott Heron collabs and remixes of beloved tunes from his band, the XX. His visuals were compelling, even if they were basically repeats of the images from the night before.

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You write like a 12-year-old and clearly know nothing about DJing. Jamie xx is notoriously rough at mixing.

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