No Te Va Gustar: "Our Life Is Music, That's All We Know"

What's there not to love about Emiliano Brancciari and the rest of the guys of NTVG?

"We've got a name, but you're not gonna like it."

That's exactly how Uruguay's Latin Grammy-nominated rock band came up with its well-known moniker, No Te Va Gustar, or You're Not Going To Like It.

"It was like a joke between the band," explains drummer Diego Bartaburu. "The band first started [in 1994] with three members around 16 years old. They had a gig and needed to choose a name for themselves.

"Two of the three members came up with a name. I don't know what it was because I wasn't in the band at the time, but it was awful," laughs Bartaburu.

"When the third member asked them about the name, they said, 'You're not gonna like it'."

And thus, NTVG was born.

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In the two decades since adopting its amusing handle, this eight-piece band's sound -- a distinctive fusion of rock, pop, reggae, traditional Uruguayan folk -- has consistently evolved. But one thing has remained unchanged: a shared musical passion.

"We are a curious group of people and are always listening to new music and are always influenced by different sounds," admits Bartaburu.

"Every album is a refection of what we feel at the moment. It's also about our life experiences. On El Calor del Pleno Invierno, [or The Midwinter Heat, the band's latest album], we incorporated a more electronic, powerful sound with deeper drums."

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