The Pharcyde's Slimkid3 Explains Every Track From Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde


Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is one of the greatest classic hip-hop albums of all time.

Ever since that slab dropped in 1992 on Delicious Vinyl Records, it has resonated with fans across the globe. And hits like "Runnin'," "Ya Mama," and "Who Is the Nigga in Charge" are so massively influential on pop culture that even people who've never heard the tracks know the words.

On Saturday, October 5th at LMNT as part of the #JusticeForReefa benefit weekend, original Pharcyde members Slimkid3 and Fatlip will be joined by original Pharcyde producers J-Swift and L.A. Jay for a full performance of the entire album, with special video projections, celebrating 21 years since its release.

We called up Trevant "Slimkid3" Hardson and asked him to explain every track.

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"4 Better or 4 Worse"
"This was one of those songs," Slimkid3 says, "that J-Swift created on his own. Those chords are his, and just the way it sounds is like a marriage, a wedding or something. When we started with Reggie Andrews at SCU [the studio], the loops of the songs we were doing would play all day throughout the studio. Fatlip went about it like a stalker or something, not locked in a room but in this room doing this character, and we were like, fuck it. I really appreciate how wild we were. Everything was fun, and it turned out being this really crazy-cool fuckin' music."

"Oh Shit"
"I kinda don't really remember that one, to be honest. But it seems like we had a good time recording it. We were having a lot of good times in general. I think we were listening to a lot of Richard Pryor during that time. 'Oh Shit' speaks for itself. It's the type of time we had. My verse is about me being out on the football field, with a bunch of people watching me do the deed with this girl. It's kind of like a true story. Fortunately, it's not the whole story..."

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