R. Kelly's Six Most NSFW Moments


What 46-year-old man do the ladies want to just reach out and fondle? Who sings the dirtiest, freakiest things with a voice sweeter than sugar and smooth as molasses? What American icon can be caught in scandal, time and time again, yet still sell 38.5 million records?

There's only one man with the dichotomous sexual flair to pull off an offensive pee-pee video and a string of number ones. That man is Robert Sylvester Kelly, popularly known as R. Kelly, or sometimes just Kells.

This man is coming to make your bed squeal in the sultry night air. Or at the very least, he'll inspire some bed-squeaking with his live performance at the James L. Knight Center on Thursday, October 17.

But we figured you could use a heads up about what kind of kinky ish might go down. So here are R. Kelly's six most NSFW moments.

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Secretly Married to Underage Aaliyah
"Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" ain't just another song. The title track from 15-year-old Aaliyah's debut album was written and produced by the then-27-year-old Kelly. Meanwhile, the collaborators were going all the way to the courthouse and signing unlawful marriage certificates, upon which Aaliyah falsely claimed to be 18.

All These Album Titles
Black Panties? Sensual. 12 Play? Three times the foreplay, we imagine. Chocolate Factory? We don't even wanna know what's going on up in R. Kelly's bedroom, y'all.

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James L. Knight Center

400 SE Second Ave., Miami, FL

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