Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash in Miami, AKA The Best Party in Years

Photo by Morgan Coleman
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Hear me now, Miami. Big ups to Red Bull for putting on one of the livest parties we've ever attended. We'll drink our vodka and rum with nothing but your sweet rage juice if you promise to bring more Culture Clashes to the 305.

The chance to see Slow Roast, Eccentrix Sound with Black Chiney, Basshead, and Moombahton Massive -- four all-star crews who never lose -- was a treat in itself. But to see them go head to head at Grand Central was to see each bring their sound and style to new heights -- and the special guests, coño!

Everyone represented hard, and we've got undying love for them all. But in the end, no one captured the hearts and booties of the real Miami better than the Bassheads.

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Even before the party started, shit was wild. Each crew was set up in their own corner of the dance floor. We walked around chatting with representatives from each team, getting the skinny on how they would approach the challenge.

Oh, and Dave Nada's mom was on hand to make the tastiest Empanadas to ever grace our mouths. It was turning into a classic night for sure.

Photo by Morgan Coleman

Things escalated quickly as the crowd filled the room and Pepe Billete announced the start of the competition. Four crews, four rounds, three chances to score some points.

Round One: Temperature Rising was just a warm-up teaser, to show off your style, worth no points. Round Two: The Selector, with judging based on the decibel levels of the crowd's reaction for each crew, worth one point. Round Three: Sleeping with the Enemy, during which each crew tries to represent the sound of another, worth one point. Finally, Round Four: The Decider, when each crew brings it harder than ever for two points, and a chance to win and play all night.

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Jorge Shicken
Jorge Shicken

i was so down for this until the arcade fire show was announced.

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