Stop Being Sober Fridays at Bamboo: "No Boring People Allowed"

These guys are doing the whole Stop Being Sober thing right.

It's Friday night! So Stop Being Sober, get blasted with Patrón, Cîroc, and Hennessy, and shake your ass till the sun rises.

More than just a Miami state of mind, booze, beats, and even more booze is what Bamboo's latest weekly bash is all about.

"We wanted to do something new and fresh, not the usual party on South Beach," says Lorenzo Draghi of Stop Being Sober. "So we came up with this tagline, which means, basically, no boring people allowed."

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Stop Being Sober, Akon. Just "Smack That!"

And unlike most megaclub weeklies, Draghi explains, SBS wants to offer an interactive experience to those party animals who roam the streets of SoBe.

"Often, the artists are not simply hosting our party, but are also performing live and interacting with our guests." For instance, last month's meet-and-greet with Akon.

So far, most of the celebrities who've headlined Stop Being Sober have been hip-hop superstars like Kelis and Jay Sean. But Draghi describes the night as "all about happy music, mostly open format with some hip-hop here and there."

In fact, he says, "We're bringing artists that are not the classic club artists like EDM or hip-hop, we're bringing artists of all kinds. We pick them because of the ability they have. They can go from EDM hits to oldies to hip-hop to every kind of genre."

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550 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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