Ten Ratchet Halloween Costumes You See in Miami

Photo by Lex Hernandez
It's Halloween! Time to get your ratchet on!

Say what you wanna say, but the truth is that Halloween is an excuse for ladies (and even dudes) to unleash their inner ratchet.

And if you're like some of the party animals at the Vagabond's Joker Asylum party, you celebrate Fright Night by expressing your sexual prowess, walking around in tight leather corsets, fishnet stockings, and fangs.

Here are ten ratchet costumes you'll likely spot at a Miami Halloween party, according to the Magic City's party people.

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Photo by Laurie Charles
G-String Man to the rescue!

G-String Man
Lizz Nick was manning the bar with black feathers around her neck and a bow in her hair.

"Some people wear tape on their nipples for fetish parties," the bartender said, "but the most ratchet has to be this guy who comes in wearing nothing but a G-string and a bow tie."

It takes confidence to freely express ratchet tendencies, G-String Man.

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the only ratchet thing here are your lame articles, and I wouldn't make fun of people if I looked like you, just saying <3


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