The Weeknd's Kiss Land Tour in Miami: A 15-Photo Recap

Photo by Alex Broadwell
Check out the full 38-photo slideshow from the Weeknd's Kiss Land tour in Miami.

He conducted his band, with his back to the infectiously enthusiastic crowd full of teens and 20-somethings, many carrying homemade signs or wearing fan gear.

Photo by Alex Broadwell

Photo by Alex Broadwell

When he finally turned around and began the next song on the album, "Love in the Sky," fans intensified their screams and uniformly raised their cellphones into the air for pictures and video.

Photo by Alex Broadwell

One girl in the center of the front row, donning a backward cap and holding a lighter, apparently forgot the modern human need for incessant documentation. And instead, she kind of looked around in what seemed like a mixture of awe and ecstasy.

Photo by Alex Broadwell

A fitting reaction to the Weeknd's booming instrumentation and fervid stage presence.

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