Pro Club's VURN Answers the Question: "Where's the Next Record?"

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Vernon Harginy, also known as VURN, sits at the table outside of a Five Guys in North Miami with fellow Pro Club rapper B.Way.

Initially, his silence is as strong as the bars on songs such as "Bang" and hYena." But then he cracks a chuckle when Crossfade poses the question many of his followers ask.

"When are you releasing another project?"

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It's been a couple years since VURN released Elevation in 2011, but the rapper has stayed relevant by releasing several tracks, such as "Stay Down," Coasters," and "Neon."

We recently hung out with the 25-year-old rapper to discuss the delay of a new project, his role in Pro Club, and how he views the world.

Crossfade: Over the last year you've been consistent with putting out new music. Where's the next record?
VURN: Well, how long does it take to last forever, you know? That's how I feel about it. I've been working with different producers. I don't produce. I don't work with a beat machine, but I kind of pride myself on being able to craft a sound or create a feeling for a song by working with a producer. And I've been working with guys kind of stuck in their ways. I'm not going to half ass it. I want to make a movie for the city. I want it to be something special. And we've been kind of rebuilding our infrastructure, rebuilding the machine. The process of how we release music, how we market music so that we're not wasting our time. We're just plotting and getting out shit together.

Don't you think maybe you're putting more roadblocks for yourself? Isn't there a point where the project is good?
Naw, that's not even what's going on. It's just like new opportunities keep opening up. You know, Nuri's progressed significantly over the past year. I've been working with these young dudes who have come up, who's really impressive. You got Melv on the team. Young Purp who didn the Migos song with Soulja Boy. I've been working with him. Scuffle out of Port St. Lucie. What I thought would be a cool mixtape a couple months ago, now I'm having a chance to make an amazing album that I feel like could change my life.

I feel like real rap, some honest hip-hop, real life shit really hasn't been given a chance the way it should have been down here. I have lofty aspirations to kind of rebuild the infrastructure down here in Miami where, you know, in Overtown it used to be a place where you can go and go see somebody real up close, somebody amazing. Just go to amazing shows, some real music. It wasn't about the hype. It wasn't about showing your face and nobody's name. It was just about the love and the music and the people drinking and having a good time. That's what I'm trying to do.

How many hats do you wear with Pro Club?
Everybody is kind of in charge of their own thing. But I do my best to try and bring everybody together and make sure it's a cohesive unit. It take it upon myself to lead by example and do better everybody because I have big hopes for the collective and for myself.

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