25 Richest Musicians of 2013

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Some people feel bad for the music industry, but we don't.

There may be more illegal downloads than ever. But there are still plenty of super-rich musicians sitting on golden thrones, dining on the hopes and dreams of others and little sandwiches with no crust.

OK, just because they're wealthy, that doesn't mean they're evil, but we can't help throwin' a little bit of shade when we see Forbes' gross earning stats.

Take a look for yourself. Here are the 25 richest musicians of 2013

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26. Tiesto: $32 Million (tie)
Last night, we watched this documentary called Dutch Influence, and it taught us how to appreciate Tiesto. We always figured he was a giant douche, but now we know he's an alright guy who just dresses like a dick. In any case, he has been doing the DJ thing for a long time. He fought for years so DJs to have the chance to earn so much they make Forbes lists. I guess we have to respect him for that.

26. Pink: $32 Million (tei)
Did you know Pink is the biggest rock star in Australia? She's literally their favorite performer. She sells out multiple dates in single venues. It's insane. Her tour grossed more than $2 million per city, Australian or not, so she's sleeping soundly and raking in the dough.

25. Tim McGraw: $33 Million
We don't really listen to country music that often, but it turns out Quick Draw McGraw (as we have just appointed him) had a killer on his hands with latest record Two Lanes of Freedom. If that's not the most country-sounding country album title we've ever heard... It debuted at no. 2 on the Billboard charts, making him one of the richest country singers - and overall musicians - in the whole world.

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We're just personally messing with you, Kay Ortega.

Kay Ortega
Kay Ortega

Why is the #2 artist on the cover? Should the Top grossing artist (Madonna) have been there? waaack

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