The Ten People You Meet at '80s Prom

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Photo by Jipsy

Have you ever gotten drunk and thought, "Man, burrrp, I wish I could go back to prom and do it all over again. I would really, hiccup, show them."

Well, if you sobered up, you might realize going back to your real prom is a horrible idea, but taking part in the 11th annual '80s Prom at The Vagabond would be totally rad!

Trust us, whatever schmuck you took to prom isn't as sexy as the ten people you meet at '80s Prom. Unless you married that schmuck.

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Photo by Jipsy

The Boombox Kid
Radio Raheem ain't got shit on this guy. He said Ds motherfucker, Ds! This dude ain't the DJ, but he feels confident enough in his music taste to boom-blast his way through the streets seven days a week. It's how he gets the hot, artsy bitches!

Photo by Yesenia Hernandez

The New Romantic
Pornography is such a good fucking album, right bro? All these modern Hot Topic bastards don't even know what real pain is about. How am I supposed to tear apart my pictures of you if you only post selfies to Instagram?! Woe is me!

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Awesomeness. Im one of the Reagans

Esteban Dalpra
Esteban Dalpra

That's an old picture of me at the vagabond years ago!

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