Dada Life on Miami Show: "You're All Going to Leave Ugly as Hell"

What pairs well with bananas? If your answer is anything but champagne, raucous electro-rage bangers, and two wild and crazy guys from Sweden, then you definitely don't know about that Dada Life.

The duo brings a certain rock'n'roll-meets-Dali atmosphere to their live performances, and by that, we mean the energy is massive and nothing seems to make any sense. In short, they put on one helluva party, and you'd be crazy to miss their complete takeover of the Mana Wynwood Production Village, Saturday, Nov. 23.

We had a little email chat with the bros and tried to get a peek at the method behind their madness. They promised they'd leave Miami lookin' ugly.

Crossfade: What was the conversation that led to the use of the bananas and champagne?

Dada Life: It started with us having it on the rider. It's the perfect combo. Bubbly alcohol and potassium to keep you going. Also a banana stays fresh in the nastiest places.

You guys show a lot of rock 'n' roll influence in your productions, your subject matter and your presentation. How do you see the relationship between rock 'n' roll attitude and modern dance music culture?

It's the same. It's all about finding that energy where everything just explodes.

BTW, did you ever find your vintage '69 Rolling Stones T-shirt? Did you throw that bitch in the pool for losing it?

Haha, yeah it's lost forever...

You guys are known to bring the ruckus. What's the key to getting people to stop worrying about taking selfies and start fucking dancing?

We're just having fun. I think people see that and realize that they want to have fun too.

You seem to have fun with your music and performances, and part of that appears to be about ridiculousness. Do you feel compelled to remind people that dance music is not serious, or do you take it more seriously than you appear?

We have started our own nation ... Isn't that really serious?! We're also always serious when it comes to the music being created.

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Sound Stage at Mana Wynwood Production Village

318 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL

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Kenia West
Kenia West

Rock n roll meets dali!? Lmao alice deejay meets britto.

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