Drake Soaks Panties, Proves You Want a Tour, Gets a Lil Wayne Cameo in Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman
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Drake ran through a bunch of new songs, adding, "You know I just had to do a little test to see if Miami was fucking with that Nothing Was the Same, and you passed. But believe me, I understand where we at tonight and now that we got all that slow, emotional shit out the way, this is going to be a show you want to stand up for."

The classic raunchy swag of 305 classic "Doo Doo Brown" pumped through the speakers before becoming the backing track for Drake's verse on "Pop That." Oldie cartoon asses were shakin' like crazy on the big screen. He did all the Khaled verses, then went in on "Love Me," during which he brought out the homie Future for a little more stage action, lettin' the boy go in on his own anthemic "Same Damn Time."

But Drizzy wouldn't let Future go just yet. Seeing as we were in Miami, they had to throw down on that "Million Dollar Pussy." And of course, because the MIA is the current home of that Cash Money crew, Birdman and Mack Maine popped up to join them.

When the screaming died down and the guests left for backstage, Drake brought the tempo down for "Pound Cake," a huge hit from the deluxe edition of his new album. He ran around the stage, starting and stopping and waving his arms around like a boss at the top of his game.

Photo by Sayre Berman

Soon, he was joined on stage by the lovely lady Jhene Aiko in a white, flowing skirt. All the girls in the crowd were like, "Who's this bitch?" At least until she sang, and then they gave it up. Her voice was as beautiful in person as it is on the album, and she and Drake ran through the duet "From Time," one of our personal favorites.

Drizzy sat down as he sang, going in on the lyrics about his father and his personal trials as fireworks exploded softly on the LED screen. He gave space to Jhene to take the mic and do a solo breakdown before they both peaced for a break.

The band stayed to lead us through a slew of old favorites. We'd almost forgotten that Drake had all these jams, but they reminded us and played the choruses of "Successful," "Over," "Up All Night," "Miss Me," "I'm Goin' In," "I Want This Forever" and "Take Care."

Smoke billowed out onto the stage as the melodies faded, and the star of the hour emerged victorious once again.

"Where's all my Spanish people in the house tonight?" They yelled, as a young, bodacious babe walked onto the stage, she gave her hand to Drake, and once again, the women of the crowd scowled menacingly. This bitch in the pink skirt had everybody heated, because Drake was grabbing her neck, kissing her hand. Shit, he made out with the big-bootied lady before letting her go. Who doesn't want to hear Drake sing "Hold On, We're Going Home" to them? We were all jealous.

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Once again Kat Bein posts another shitty article, SUPRISE! Aside from looking like a desperate groupie, she can not even get her facts straight.

The article she references with Ghostface nominating Drake as the Top 3 Most Pussy Rappers (Classic) is not actually written by Ghostface. Rather it is written by someone pretending to be Ghostface, in order to use his signature dialogue "he need to take his Febreze-garglin, B-throwin, hoe-savin, bubblegum R&B ass home son". The guy runs a whole blog (Big Ghost) off this gimmick. \

Good job New Times, what does it take to get hired over there?

Do you guys even check facts?

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