Drake Soaks Panties, Proves You Want a Tour, Gets a Lil Wayne Cameo in Miami

Photo by Sayre Berman
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He went hard on "Worst Behavior" and ran around the stage like a madman for "Talking my Language." The crowd went wild as he dropped "305 to My City," then he announced the start of his favorite part of the show.

A giant scaffolding circle dropped from the ceiling, upon which Drake climbed and ran through the whole crowd shouting out zealous fans, starting with the right side, working through the left, and finishing with the middle. Sometimes, it was hard to even hear who he was yelling at through all the fan noise, but he did definitely called someone Mumford and Sons, and there was even a girl who came to party despite walking with crutches.

After walking back down from the scaffolds and shouting out his "I see yous" for a couple of minutes, he hit the stage once more and told the crowd about his fucking problem -- "Bad Bitches," of course. He worked it into the world-changing "The Motto" (containing his now-infamous acronym YOLO), then moved in "HYFR," but no one was prepared for the moment when the chorus popped up and Lil Wayne popped in.

It was fucking pandemonium as the little bastard swagged us out. And Drake called his mentor "the most important man in my life," then invited the legend to sing his own song right quick.

"This is your show," Wayne said, turning to the audience. "Is that OK?" The place lit up and he worked through his hit "Rich as Fuck" before giving it back to "Drizzy Drake."

"I just want to let you know," Drake said, "I am loyal to that man till the day I fucking die. I feel like Miami needs another anthem." Then we heard Aziz Ansari talking about how we ain't going to get no more Free Randy, and it was "All Me." Drake sang his verse, but continued until his "favorite part" of the song, going a-capella and singing Big Sean's verse along with the crowd. It is everyone's favorite part, apparently.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and it's only right that Drake finished the set with a reflective moment. "Started From the Bottom" gave the crowd its monumental ending, and as the fireworks erupted on either side of the stage and Drake's family videos played on the LED screen, you could tell Drizzy was starting to get a big misty eyed.

Photo by Sayre Berman

Drake posed at the top of his walkway and just looked out at us, the images on the screen were washed out by white light. The last notes of the beat faded slowly to silence, and after one last pause, he made his way down off the walkway into the darkness. (Apparently, Drake doesn't do encores, so that really was the end.)

As an artist, he is hitting his peak. His performance was spectacular, his string of hits impressive. He just played American Airlines Arena for the first time ever, the biggest venue in his (second?) favorite city. And on the same night, his latest and greatest record to date just went platinum.

It's cheesy, but it's true. For this man, from this night forward, nothing would ever be the same.

Critic's Notebook

Drake's Setlist
-"Tuscan Leather"
-"Crew Love"
-"Tuscan Leather" (reprise)
-"Wu-Tang Forever"
-"Own It"
-"Pop That"
-"No New Friends"
-"No Lie"
-"I'm on One"
-"Love Me"
-"Same Damn Time" (with Future)
-"Million Dollar Pussy" (with Birdman and Mack Maine)
-"Pound Cake"
-"The Motion"
-"Come Thru"
-"From Time"
-"Up All Night"
-"Miss Me"
-"I'm Goin' In"
-"Take Care"
-"Hold On, We're Going Home"
-"Worst Behavior"
-"The Language"
-"305 To My City"
-"Fuckin' Problems"
-"The Motto"
-"Rich as Fuck" (with Lil Wayne)
-"All Me"
-"Started from the Bottom"

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Once again Kat Bein posts another shitty article, SUPRISE! Aside from looking like a desperate groupie, she can not even get her facts straight.

The article she references with Ghostface nominating Drake as the Top 3 Most Pussy Rappers (Classic) is not actually written by Ghostface. Rather it is written by someone pretending to be Ghostface, in order to use his signature dialogue "he need to take his Febreze-garglin, B-throwin, hoe-savin, bubblegum R&B ass home son". The guy runs a whole blog (Big Ghost) off this gimmick. \

Good job New Times, what does it take to get hired over there?

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