E11even Miami Owner Dennis DeGori: "There Will Be Topless and Nude Entertainment"


So really, "What is 11?"

Ever since discovering E11even Miami's mysterious and sexy promo campaign (starring semi-nude dominatrices and blindfolded business dudes), we here at Crossfade have been trying to solve the crux of that question: Standard club? Or strip club?

"It will be neither," owner Dennis DeGori insists. Though he concedes, "There will be topless and nude entertainment in various parts of E11even."

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"For want of a better term," DeGori explains, "E11even is a marriage of the two concepts. It will be both a nightclub and a cabaret."

This so-called "LIV with dancers" is set to open in January 2014 at NE 29 NE 11th Street, the former location of Goldrush strip club. But as the owner points out, his club will be anything but a reboot of some downtown nudie bar.

"The build-out itself is a true $40 million," he insists. "I know typically when people open places, they say that. But between acquisition and development, E11even is a $40 million project.

"I don't think anybody would do a Goldrush and make that kind of investment. That being said, LIV and Mansion and SET and Mokai and everyone else is already doing a standard nightclub. So we don't another one of those places either.

"E11even will be an upscale nightclub meets Cirque du Soleil meets international cabaret."

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E11even Miami

29 NE 11th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

Goldrush Miami - CLOSED

29 NE 11th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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waste of time, music sucks, the women were all high octane rentals,

the place is trying to be something, but really not interesting enough to be anything.

Food court, canned music, basic club without a soul…


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