Pool House Saturdays at Hyde Beach: "Everything About It Is Miami"

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Go for a swim with these lovely ladies at Pool House Saturdays at Hyde Beach.

Winter may be right around the corner. But in the Magic City, summer is forever.

So slip on your itsy-bitsy designer bikini, grab your beach towel, and make a splash at Hyde Beach's Pool House Saturdays.

"It's pretty self-descriptive," says Hyde's Bruno Cardinali of the daytime bash. "It's a pool party and we play house music, and our venue kinda looks like a pool house."

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But while house beats are mainly what you'll hear while lounging by the pool and checking out the hot bods, it's "not so much a fist pumping party," Cardinali laughs.

"Basically, we try to play more of a sexy sound, more of a European type of vibe. We try to stay away from the big nightclub scene."

And like any experienced DJ, resident Chicco Secci goes with the flow.

"I see the crowd in the moment and I go with it, from sexy house music to EDM to deep house," the beat banger says. "It doesn't have limits."

"I like to see people having fun, so I go in one direction for a while. They follow, and then I switch it up. It all depends on the situation."

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Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel

1701 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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i went there a few weeks ago for pirupa and cocorills. what a disppointment! they wanted $700 minimum to sit on a single beach chair. so even if you fork over $21 for a single cocktail, you have to stand to drink it. and you must have someone watch over your stuff if you think about getting in the pool, unless you happen to want to throw out $700. im surprised they dont charge for that, too.

Barbie Soto
Barbie Soto

the fall weather has been sucking lately...

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