Joakim Talks "Ghetto Techno," His Next Full-Length Album, and Basel 2013


"There's this sense of very lonely sensuality. And of course, the obvious paradox of being so connected, but so alone," says French DJ-producer Joakim of his latest, as-yet untitled full-length project, a follow-up to last June's pair of downtempo electro-pop tracks, "Heartbeats" and "Another Light," and his first LP since 2011's Nothing Gold.

Described by the Parisian underground veteran as "very deep and warm," the album is expected to defrost chilly listeners sometime this winter. But even though it's in the final stages of production, the Tigersushi label head still can't give a definitive release date.

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"Hopefully as soon as possible," says Joakim. "I'm just trying to put out things more spontaneously, especially in these days, when everything is so immediate, and where the traditional strategies of releasing records are kind of obsolete. Sometimes I think, why bother? Just release stuff."

It's this desire for spontaneity and independence that drove the recent NYC transplant to start his new vinyl imprint, Crowdspacer, in January. Still rooted in the underground, but with a distinct "club focus," the label allows him the creative freedom to stray from the more eclectic, "weird" sound with which he's come to be associated.

"I decided to create a kind of different label, where I can do things in a more simple way, and with more precise direction," Joakim says. "I had the feeling I needed some alternate labels and identities to do that, and because I have too much pressure on myself when I make music as Joakim."

Some of his latest projects on Crowdspacer include a batch of "small re-issues and re-edits of trance records from the '90s, but very much slowed down," he explains. "It becomes like some really weird, slow, psychedelic techno. It's funny, because if you listen to those records at the right speed, it's horrible."

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Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Lonely sensuality? Is that the latest cool term for masturbation?

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