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Everyone wants to be a "god" or "lord" nowadays.

But Carol City rapper Lil Champ FWAY gets straight to the point on his latest effort, the eight-track mixtape Real Nigga SHXT, calling out those posing as being "about that life."

Crossfade got a chance to chat with FWAY a little about "gods" and "lords," Real Nigga SHXT, and why he's out in Los Angeles.

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Crossfade: You've been in L.A. for a while now. What is it about that city that has you staying there?
Lil Champ FWAY: I have some people out here that I work with on the producing tip like my homeboy Young Cali Beats. So, I came out here and linked with him. And I got a little fan base out here from selling my FWAY skullies on Big Cartel. I was shipping a lot out here. We got a lot of fans, Raider Klan, FWAY Nation, in Cali. I just wanted to touch base with the fanbase.

What was your mind frame going into making Real Nigga SHXT?
It was kind of like a turning point in my life because every two months or three months my life changes somehow, that's why I drop a lot of EPs or whatever. Real Nigga SHXT was what was going on. You know, things on my chest that I was like, you know, I got to get off. So the mind frame I has was just keeping it 100. Everything on there is real.

The tape wasn't calling out any specific person, just people in general.
We've had problems in the past, so I'm just addressing it through my music. It's just really expression and telling the people what's really going on. I just want them to fear me.

Well you also made a couple short videos while walking through South Central and going along the same lines by calling out people. Was it any one person in particular or another general statement?
The opposition they know who they are. They know I was talking to them. They watch my videos. I won't really say their names, but whoever I was talking to, I was talking about them. But to each his own. If you're comfortable in your skin I wasn't talking about. A lot of people get offended, but the people who know I was talking about them that's who I was talking about.

Do you feel like you need to prove anything to anybody?
I feel like I need to prove that not only me but everybody in Miami and everybody around me has something to say. That's why I go so hard. I feel like if somebody around me is feeling a certain way they might not say it, so I'll say. Basically, yeah, I kind of feel like I do have something to prove, but it's not only for me, it's for everybody in my city.

Why do you feel like they may keep their mouth shut?
Because they're afraid of the politics or what comes with it. they feel like it will cause trouble, rub off people the wrong way. Sometimes you just got to say it so people could understand and it won't be everybody just fake. Everybody could know where they stand instead of wondering what's going on and confront the issues all the time.

Where does the necessity for you to do so instead of letting others doing this themselves come from?
I just feel like I got to speak. I feel like it's some of my homeboys, I know they feel a certain way about certain things, or I feel myself they should be in a certain spot and I feel like should just say it. You're not going to say it? I'll say it.

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