Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Live Broadcast to the AMAs, Put Haters to Shame in Miami

Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 33-photo slideshow of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at American Airlines Arena.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
With Big K.R.I.T. and Talib Kweli
American Airlines Arena, Miami
Sunday, November 24, 2013

Better Than: We could have ever expected.

A great man once said, "If you want to be an active participant in hip-hop culture, you have to get off the couch, go to a show, and experience the live element."

That man was Macklemore speaking to Crossfade in an interview leading up to last night's performance at the American Airlines Arena. And though the words rang true at the time, we had no idea how affected we'd be by that so-called "live element" until we experienced it firsthand.

What happened in that championship venue was nothing short of magical. Curfews be damned, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ain't frontin' when they say not even the ceiling can hold us.

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Photo by George Martinez
Check out Crossfade's full 33-photo slideshow of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at American Airlines Arena.

We braved the wind and rain to get to the AAA just after the doors had opened. But some unfortunate ticket business kept us waiting for a while, and we missed what must have been an energetic set from Mississippi's Big K.R.I.T.

Thank our lucky stars, though, we reached our seats just in time to catch the legendary Talib Kweli chiding the young audience for not knowing Nina Simone. (Seriously, did anyone know Kweli was going to be there? Best surprise opener ever!)

He wrapped his set with "Get By," a personal favorite of ours, and the stage went dark for about thirty minutes, as the roadies readied it for the headliners.

Photo by George Martinez

The floor was packed tight with excited fans who screamed enthusiastically when a giant black curtain reading "The Heist" unfurled.

At about 9 p.m., the house lights dimmed and a soft melody could be heard, played on strings and piano. The beats kicked in, and soon, you could make out each piece of the band: cello, violin, trumpets, trombone, percussion.

The giant "Heist" flag came tumbling down and Ryan Lewis, at the top of the stage, stood in the spotlight with his hands in the air.

Photo by George Martinez

The crowd went wild when, suddenly, Macklemore rose from beneath the floor on a platform, rocking a shiny gold jacket and pants. He jumped down with a blast of fireworks and screamed "Miami!" The best show ever had officially begun.

"How y'all doing tonight?" the blonde rapper asked. People just screamed. To which he replied, "Me too."

Photo by George Martinez

They ripped through "10,000 Hours," rappin' how it was "about damn time that I got out of my basement." To think, only a year ago, the idea of playing arenas was only a dream to these guys.

Throughout the night, it was obvious that their excitement was real, their humility refreshing, and that not a single break for applause was being taken for granted.

"It's so good to be performing in Miami for the first time ever," Macklemore said between songs, the crowd totally unprepared for the bomb he was about to drop on us. "I love this city for some different reasons, but tonight is especially special, because tonight, we are going to be going live to the American Music Awards!"

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