O'Grime Talks New EP Debuted on Diplo's Mad Decent: "Yop, Yop, Yop, We Gon' Do Us"

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Lofty and L. Rey yoppin'.

From the moment the cat's paw jams an AK47 thumb drive in the laptop, O'Grime's new "B.A.N.D." video is a masterpiece of tacos, women, guns, drugs, and money.

O'Grime's L. Rey and Niko Javan have created their own universe, mythology, and language, and invited Lofty to join them for a song. The result is a sick track of freestyle-driven lyrics, and an insistent beat that demands respect for having girls that "bring a nigga dough, and don't even have to ask them."

We here at Crossfade caught up with O'Grime to talk about the meaning of Yoppas and girls who don't like to be called bitches or hos.

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Crossfade: How do you approach a girl to bring you shit without asking?
L. Rey: I pull up to the strip, I put a dollar on the booty, get her a bite of my chalupa, and tell a bitch, "Go bring my shit." My first move is always to give a ho a bite of my chalupa. I keep my taco with me, smack the hoe in the booty, bitch gon' bring all my dough.

How'd the song come about?
Niko Javan:The line "Bring A Nigga Dough" is something I sampled from a song called "Udonis Haslem," which was O'Grime and Metro Zu's first collab. I took Lofty's voice, turned it into the hook, and then they recorded their verses over it.

You did the video too right?
Niko Javan:Yeah. I taught myself that type of animation. I would come up with different scenes, and each clip took a couple hours to make, even if it only lasted for a couple of seconds. So I took the concept of the song, of being pampered by women, and sort of turned the visuals into a representation of the lyrics.

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That big gold thing is like a money monster or something right?
Niko Javan: Yeah, the money created the monster.

How else did you come up with the scenes?
Niko Javan: Looking back, it was almost like a freestyle. I don't know what I was trying to say sometimes. It's not really a method to the madness, it's just crazy shit. I was trying not to think about it so I won't get held back. Sometimes, trying to think will hold you back.

What inspired your lyrics?
L. Rey: Gotta work these hos. Just working these hos has motivated me. My hos are smart. All my hos got a job, or go to school. On top of that, I train my hos. They know I'm focused on my grind. They come through and they just know what it is. I don't even gotta say nothin'.

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