Ten Best Video Game Songs Ever

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Hotline Miami got that "primal force."

Every Monday, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., Miami's airwaves -- historically reserved for the musical accompaniment to bumpin', shakin', grindin', twerkin', tweakin', and getting stuck in traffic on the 836 -- are regularly seized by sounds and scores typically reserved for marines fighting aliens, plumbers fighting dragons, and wizards doing wizard shit.

The gamer behind this weekly aural occupation is University of Miami music theory and composition major Jackson Alexander Parodi, and The Warp Zone is the name of his program on the college's highly acclaimed radio station, WVUM.

So stretch your thumbs and shake some ass ... Here are the ten best video game songs ever, according to Miami's foremost Nintendo, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation music enthusiast.

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10. "Pinna Park" from Super Mario Sunshine
North American Release: August 2002
Gaming Platform: Nintendo GameCube
Jackson says: "This lovely ragtime represents an accurate cross-section of the Super Mario Sunshine world's fantasticality."

9. "Titania and Macbeth" from Star Fox 64
North American Release: July 1997
Gaming Platform: Nintendo 64
Jackson says: "This is my favorite track from this awesome N64 game. It energetically captures the beat and pulse of the level where Fox drives a Landmaster tank instead of flying his usual Arwing."

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"Here are the ten best video game songs ever, according to Miami's foremost Nintendo, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation music enthusiast."

He's the only person you could find right? This list makes me feel bad for gamers in Miami, it's an insult. So bad.


ummmm, hello???? what about the music from the red alert series???????


TETRIS THEME SONG is obviously #1 gamer song ever.

where are pokemon, super mario bros, donkey kong country?!?!

check yourself!!!!

Rafael Sangiovanni
Rafael Sangiovanni

Super Mario Galaxy! Megaman! Final Fantasy VII! There's just too much good stuff out there to limit it to 10.

Danny Cespedes
Danny Cespedes

Doom, Sonic 3, Mega Man X, all had great soundtracks.

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