Tobacco Road Turns 101! Ten Classic Moments From Miami's Oldest Bar

Photo by Laurie Charles
Mark Weiser may not be as old as Tobacco Road, but he surely shaped the bar's musical rep.

Guys with dark beads, black Holly Hunt T-shirts, and red paisley and Hawaiian flower pattered button downs, ladies in long black and white printed dresses, pink shorts, and leopard tops, and former local rock stars crowded 626 South Miami Avenue on Friday for Tobacco Road's 101st Anniversary Bash.

Celebrating just over a century of scandals, parties, and blurred memories, the speakeasy turned gambling hall turned booze hiding spot has become one of Miami's most precious musical gems.

As notes from Dumpstaphunk, Earphunk, Jimmy Lewis, Spam Allstars, and the Eric Vick Band blasted from the outside stage of the bar to the city, Tobacco Road devotees recalled some of their best memories at Miami's oldest watering hole.

Here are ten classic Tobacco Road moments.

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Photo by Laurie Charles
Back in his day, Ricketts (in the patriotic tee) was a rebel with a cause.

Protest Gatherings

"It was 1971 or sometime in the early 70s and my hair was longer than yours," said Al Ricketts who has been coming to the Road for 40 years. He was finishing up some drinks with his lady and a couple the two had just met.

"I had just burned my draft card and after a rally in Downtown, everybody was like 'We're going to Tobacco Road for drinks'," Ricketts recalled.

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Photo by Elvis Ramirez

"First Pot Festival"

"I also came here in 1990 for my first date with my son's mother. There was nothing but a bunch of haystacks out back."

"We came here after we raided Iraq [during Desert Storm]. There were a bunch of bands that have been coming back ever since. It may have been the first pot festival," laughed Ricketts.

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