Adore Nightclub Opening, Bringing Upscale, Vegas-Style Nightlife to Miami Beach

Miami, get ready to be adored.

Luxurious. Sexy. Intimate.

Welcome to Adoré, Miami Beach's newest upscale hotspot, opening this month.

Spearheaded and owned by Vegas nightlife mogul Cy Waits, this Collins Avenue club hopes to lure the VIPs and beautiful people with its lush design, smoky style, and relaxed atmosphere.

"It's very rich and warm, very different from clubs out here," Waits says of his latest venture. "I spent about a year here before I built the club, talking to people, and seeing what they liked and wanted. It's a very comforting club."

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With deep reds and glowing ambers, an LE3D globe (that's a high-tech disco ball with 360-degree imaging capabilities) floating above the dance floor, video displays, a candle-lit bar with engraved antique mirrors, and power outlets on the VIP booths to charge your iPhone, everything about Adoré is designed to "enhance your nightlife experience."

While music will play a huge role at the club (Waits didn't install a Funktion-One sound system for nothing), his goal is to "have the best product in town and be the best nightclub."

However, he explains, "I'm not just going to focus on the talent, but on the service and nightclub experience people will have when they come in. It's all part of the recipe for a very successful nightclub. The DJs are the icing on the cake."

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Adore Nightclub - CLOSED

2000 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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There is nothing new about this business venture.  Its pretty much more of the same.  Waiste of ten million....  Vegas style club? That seems to be the new saying over the last 5 years.  I can provide a list of spots if asked.  The owner better have something better to say that what I read above or he will be closing his doors sooner then he had hoped. Boooooring

Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza
Gabriel Geronimo Pedraza

Vegas style seems like it's a bunch of mid-western people on vacation and bachelor parties who pretend they are rich for the night saying "YOLO" all night. Sounds a lot like Miami.

Dana Hatred
Dana Hatred

A Vegas style club? I didn't know each city had a style of club. Call me crazy but I believe they are all the same and after your 20's just as pointless and terrible.

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