Basel 2013: Best Parties You're Not Invited To

C'mon, Kendrick Lamar, can't you hook it up?

The art community loves exclusivity, and the rest of the world loves drooling over things they will never experience.

Well, we here at Crossfade are bringing these worlds together in this totally tantalizing list of Art Basel Miami Beach week parties that you're not invited to.

We know, it seems kinda hopeless. But just pick a party and begin plotting your invasion now. Suck up to that in-the-know friend and don't stop until you're on the VIP guest list.

It'll all be worth it, trust us.

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Kendrick Lamar. Presented by Flaunt, 3P Productions, and Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. Wednesday, December 4, 10 p.m., Mana Wynwood Production Village, 318 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-305-5574; Visit All his life he want money and power ... And headlining his own superswanky Basel performance. If you missed Kendrick's electrifying opening set for the Yeezus Tour's Miami stop last week, do everything you can to get the invite to this private party. Or spend $2500 on a table. Your choice.

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Silencio. Hosted by Pharrell Williams and video by Takashi Murakami, plus a surprise performance. Wednesday, December 4, 11 p.m., Undisclosed location in Miami's Design District. Visit Pharrell Williams is undoubtedly the man. So anything he's a part of is worth attending. Add some visuals from Japan's prolific post-post-modern pop art master Takashi Murakami, and you've got yourself a must-crash bash.

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Location Info


Mondrian South Beach

1100 W. Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: General

Ice Palace Film Studios

1400 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

The Gale Hotel

1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: General

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Kevin Kohler
Kevin Kohler

Don't tell them about my chef disguise trick...

frankd4 topcommenter

...................................the art world is as POLITICAL as congress so expect these types of "exclusionary" events - period

anyone who is really interested in the ART itself will have more than adequate access to the pieces at some point eventually so pay attention

anyone who is only interested in the PARTY aspect will find somehere else to go anyway

Drew Gerlach
Drew Gerlach

unless you feel like dropp $15g on a table

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Drats. Well, at least we can count on NT to post pictures of the circus clowns posing with duck lips thinking they're the shit.

frankd4 topcommenter's part of the process, much the same as golf at AUGUSTA NATIONAL

frankd4 topcommenter

.......................................well how about YOU rent a room and have a party and make it INVITATION ONLY ? and have everyone of those "special people" feel dissed (PETE ROSE has a conssession directly across the street from the baseball hall-of-fame hawking all his stuff which NO ONE ELSE can do that is IN the hall (they are contractually obligated to agree not to compete with the hall within a fifty mile radius (of course ROSE is not IN so he has no such constraints)))

get it ?

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